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Rita's Body Butter

Hi everyone! Jen here, I wanted to introduce our newest product Rita's Body Butter. This Body butter was inspired by my late grandmother Rita. Growing up my grandmother always was mixing honey and other ingredients to make a cream for her skin. She swore by it. I remember her squeezing honey in her jar of cream and stirring, then lathering up with it. She had amazing skin her whole life so she was definitely on to something. Seeing her make her own body cream must have inspired me as a kid as well. At 12 years old I was making "organic" body scrubs and lotions by mixing sand lotions, soaps, and who knows what else haha.

So here I am now 33 years old creating natural bath products with my best friend! I guess you could say it is in my genes, and I have my grandmother Rita to thank for that!

So fast-forward to now and it only made sense to recreate my Grandmother Rita's body butter! I am so excited to share this with everyone! It is an all natural whipped body butter. It is so nourishing and moisturizing, and of course it has raw HONEY in it!

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